Ashley Johndro, Esq

Senior Recruiter

“Ashley made the difference for me. I was returning to legal practice after a significant break and Ashley got me three interviews within a week. She is very positive and provided helpful background information about the firms. She also supported me with interviewing advice and job searching strategy. Her professionalism and responsiveness was greatly appreciated by me and the law firms involved. I was able to get an offer at my first choice firm!”

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation AttorneySilicon Valley

“Ashley has great industry knowledge and was very patient in helping me find the right opportunity. I highly recommend her to lawyers seeking new opportunities, especially if you're trying to navigate the lateral-hire process.”

Labor & Employment Staff AttorneyInternational Firm, Los Angeles

“I loved working with Ashley. She is thorough and has excellent people skills. I highly recommend her.”

Senior Litigation InternationalInternational Firm, San Francisco

“Ashley is a joy to work with. Aside from being responsive and overall easy to communicate with, Ashley is dedicated to helping attorneys find their right match. She is supportive and always made me feel like I had opportunities. I will miss working with her!”

Labor & Employment AssociateInternational Firm, San Francisco

“It was a privilege to work with Ashley. She is dedicated to helping her clients make the best possible next career choice—she took the time to get to know me, my talents, and aspirations. She threw many traditional options my way, but we also brainstormed about non-firm options. Ashley provided constant encouragement and checked in all the time, even when she didn’t have news to share. When I picked a government option at the end of the day, she was happy and congratulatory. I highly recommend Ashley as a recruiter (and career mentor). If I ever decide to look for something in the private sector, I will go back to Ashley in a heartbeat! ”

Former Latham & Watkins Associate (now government attorney)Orange County

“Bear with me, this is a long review because I am so incredibly grateful for how patient Ashley was in guiding me through the trying process of job searching and for how she is truly a champion of her clients. As a young attorney only a few years into her legal career, the decision to switch firms was an incredibly daunting one. I’d never worked with a recruiter before, but I’d heard doing so would either be the best move I made or incredibly demoralizing. Although I had only been looking for (maybe) a week, I had already heard about 5 different recruiters tell me I was making a terrible decision switching firms, as I was “too junior” and “too specialized” to make any moves. Although I knew that I was making the right decision, I was starting to panic about my prospects. Then, Ashley called! Ashley didn’t just ask me what positions I was interested in, look for the available positions that fit my description and then drop off if there weren’t any job openings that met my criteria (like the other recruiters). She looked at my resume, asked me detailed questions about my interests and experiences, analyzed what would be the most strategic way for me to pivot from one practice area to another based on my background and advised me on how best to communicate/demonstrate the transferability of my skills from one practice area to another. While other recruiters were non-responsive, evasive and rude when discussing my job prospects, Ashley maintained an open, candid dialogue with me about my chances of getting interviews or positions at the various firms I was interested in. Ashley always explained the pros and cons of applying to job postings I wasn’t necessarily qualified for and was very knowledgeable about the ways in which specific firms hire. She never pressured me to follow her advice or hustled for me any less if I applied to jobs independently rather than through her. This is already pretty lengthy, but I can’t say enough about how incredible my experience was. Ashley genuinely went through the process with me and sat with me on the phone while I overanalyzed an interview or a callback. I lost count of how many times I nervously called, texted or rapidly emailed asking how she thought an interview/callback went based on what I told her or expressing how I thought it went. Every time I did so, Ashley would give me informative, honest, humorous and encouraging responses. Never once did she seem exasperated or annoyed. Seriously, though. I once called her joking that I need a pep talk and she gave me one. If that’s not dedication to your client, I don’t know what is. In every one of our interactions, Ashley was always genuinely supportive and strongly dedicated to finding me a job I loved. Long story short, because of Ashley’s help and advocacy on my behalf, I am now an Associate at Fenwick & West, practicing in an area I love with some of the most brilliant people in Silicon Valley. She’s incredibly good at her job and her results speak for themselves.”

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation AssociateNational Firm, Silicon Valley

“Ashley provided invaluable help and guidance through my hiring process. She knew the market well and managed relations and discussions with firms in a way that minimized work on my end while also ensuring I received a great offer. I recommend her highly!”

Litigation AssociateRegional CA firm, Los Angeles

“I'd gladly recommend Ashley to any attorney interested in taking a next step. Unlike most recruiters, Ashley herself is a former attorney with experience in a diversity of workplaces and legal areas, giving her an intimate familiarity with the legal market. She uses that knowledge to empower her clients, while also counseling them on all potential opportunities. Most importantly, however, I always got the sense that Ashley was most interested in advancing my long-term career and personal interests. Ashley was as much an advocate as she was a legal recruiter.”

Litigation Associate International FirmLos Angeles

“Within a matter of just four days, I applied for a position through Ashley, interviewed for the position, and received an offer. Ashley was happy to provide her support and assistance throughout the negotiation process, too.”

Litigation AssociateRegional CA firm, Los Angeles